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Rodek was the persona assumed by Kurn, after having his memories erased. His father was Noggra, leader of the House of Noggra.

"Rodek" was said to have been hit by a plasma discharge which damaged Noggra's shuttle and Rodek's hippocampus, causing his memories to be erased, possibly permanently, according to Doctor Julian Bashir. Noggra promised to help the Klingon "re-learn" what he had "forgotten" about his life.

Seeing Worf nearby in Deep Space 9's infirmary, "Rodek" asked Worf who he was and if he was part of his family. Worf replied that he had no family, thereby preserving the deception.(DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

In the novel A Burning House, Rodek's memories began to return.

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