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Rock beasts TAS

Rock beasts

For the rock creature created for Star Trek: The Final Frontier, please see Rock Man.

The rock beasts were a non-sentient lifeform native to a class M planet near Motherlode. They were about a hundred meters tall (citation needededit) and had tough skin that made them resemble rocky mounds when they were inactive.

Two varieties were seen: four-legged and two-legged. The four-legged beasts had long snouts with two eyes, and four fingers. The two-legged beasts, which crawled on their tail-like back end, were short-snouted with three eyes, and had only two fingers. Both were similar in temperament, roar, and a tendency to assume an upright posture.

In 2269, they menaced an away team from the USS Enterprise which was searching for Nurse Chapel, who had been kidnapped by Harcourt Mudd. (TAS: "Mudd's Passion")

The name "rock beast" comes from the script, while terms them "Rock creature".

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