Robinson nebula

The Robinson Nebula

The Robinson Nebula was the name given by Sub-Commander T'Pol to a dark matter nebula first observed by her and Captain Jonathan Archer of Enterprise in March of 2153. The nebula was named after Starfleet captain A.G. Robinson, the first Human to break the warp 2 barrier, and an old friend of Captain Archer's who had recently died in a climbing accident.

Although Enterprise's sensors were unable to directly observe the nebula, Commander Charles Tucker was able to modify a series of spatial charges to spread metreon particles throughout the area. Archer and T'Pol were able to successfully use the charges to illuminate the nebula, becoming the first to directly observe a dark matter nebula. (ENT: "First Flight")

In the final draft script of "First Flight", the Robinson Nebula, when it initially becomes visible, was described thus; "The mysterious, invisible DARK MATTER begins to PHOSPHORESCE! It's a spectacular, CASCADING EFFECT as the giant NEBULA becomes evident, pulsing with an AURORA of MULTI-COLORED LIGHT! It's an awesome sight..." In a scene description for the scene immediately thereafter, the script referred to the light from the nebula, reflecting off Archer's and T'Pol's faces, as "sparkling" and "lovely".

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