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Robert A. Heinlein was a a famous science fiction writer on Earth in the 20th century. The Puppet Masters was one of his works.

The 1950s magazine Galaxy featured stories by Heinlein, as well as Ray Bradbury and Theodore Sturgeon. Herbert Rossoff believed that if he joined the magazine it would "complete" the lineup. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

A photograph of a raktajino bottle seen in The Art of Star Trek shows a label identifying the beverage as imported by Harcourt Mudd and bearing the slogan "Made from the The Green Hills of Earth", the title of one of Heinlein's works.
Heinlein invented the verb "grok" (roughly meaning: to completely and totally understand), used in his novel Stranger in a Strange Land. "I grok Spock" was a popular t-shirt and bumper sticker slogan used by Trekkies in the 1970s.

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