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Robert Dollwet is an animal trainer who worked for Critters of the Cinema as the trainer for the dog Simon on the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episode "Dark Page" in 1993.

Dollwet went to the Air Force after high school where he trained police dogs. Following his time with the military he went to Hollywood where he became an animal trainer and wrangler on television and film. He then started his own dog training business in Los Angeles and later in Malibu. He worked with the dogs of celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, James Cameron, Mel Gibson, and Olivia Newton-John. For several years, Dollwet has his dog training business, Malibu Dog Training, at the Gold Coast in Australia. [1]

Dollwet previously worked as horse wrangler on the television comedy series Hey Dude in 1989. Other credits as animal trainer include the fantasy comedy Teen Witch (1989, starring Dan Gauthier), the horror film Puppetmaster (1989, working with Rob Bloch), and the thriller Devil in the Flesh (1998, with J.C. Brandy, Phil Morris, Julia Nickson, and Wendy Robie) on which he worked with his dog Schultz.

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