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Rob Sharp is an Australian comic book artist and writer. To get his start in the industry, Sharp penned two sci-fi strips, "Jove Janus" and "Shadowkraft", for the comic magazine Reverie. He went on to work at Walt Disney Animation Australia, while his brother, Joe, was in high school. Joe joined him at the Disney studios and they worked together as animators, lay-out artists, and designers on Aladdin 2 and Aladdin 3, Lion King 2, The Goofy Movie, and the Gargoyles TV series.

After working at Disney together for three years, the two formed Sharp Brothers Studio and focused their time on comic books and role-playing games, producing art for Warhammer and Warhammer 40000, and several Dungeons & Dragons campaign books. This led to work with the WCW and WWF (now WWE) where they helped work on the Ultimate Warrior's comeback storyline in 1998. Further opportunities led them into toy design and video game character and concept design.

They continue to do comic book work, providing covers for a wide variety of comics, including some for IDW Publishing's Star Trek line. They are credited as "The Sharp Brothers" for this work.

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