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A roach, or cockroach, was a large insect found on every continent on planet Earth.

In 2367, Admiral Norah Satie opened up Crewman Simon Tarses' hearing to the public, explaining to Jean-Luc Picard that "Spies and saboteurs don't like the bright light of public inquiry. They're like roaches, scuttling for the dark corners." (TNG: "The Drumhead")

Giant cockroaches were at one time joked about as having invaded Earth, which the members of Star Trek: Enterprise's writing staff jokingly suggested to each other as a conclusion for ENT Season 3. The idea of these giant cockroaches ultimately led the writing team to devise the Na'kuhl. (Star Trek Magazine issue 117,  p. 61; Star Trek: Communicator issue 151,  p. 34)

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