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Rising Son is a Pocket DS9 novel – part of the Deep Space Nine relaunch series – written by S.D. Perry. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in January 2003.

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From the back cover
Months ago, young Jake Sisko came upon a mysterious prophecy in the ruins of B'hala, one that told of a Son destined to enter the Celestial Temple of the Prophets and return home with a lost Herald. Certain that the ancient text was intended for him, Jake entered the wormhole to bring back his father, Captain Benjamin Sisko – missing since his final, fateful confrontation with Gul Dukat in the Fire Caves of Bajor. But Jake's quest has failed. Or so he believes.
Flung across the galaxy by a power beyond his understanding, Jake is rescued by a strange ship with an even stranger alien crew. Joining them on a voyage unlike any he has ever experienced, Jake learns that his search for the truth will lead him to find the last thing he ever expected, and to discoveries far beyond his wildest imaginings.

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After being caught in some kind of storm, Jake Sisko finds himself deep in the Gamma Quadrant. He is rescued by the crew of the starship Even Odds – independent fortune-hunters.

Amongst the adventures that Jake and the crew experience are the rescue of some valuable artifacts from a planet of violent sauropods, another mission in which one of the crewmembers dies, and ultimately a trip to Ee, a famous planet for gamblers, players and fortune-hunters.

During these adventures, Jake gets to know the different crewmembers, including Dez, the captain, who comes to like Jake very much, because he reminds him of himself, having looked for his father as well in earlier years; Facity, a Wadi-woman who, although only first officer, is the real boss aboard; Pif, a dog-like creature, who talks a lot; Glessin, a Cardassian who survived the battle between the Cardassians and the Dominion; Prees, the Karemman chief engineer; Sraal, an artificial being that lives inside the ship's mechanics; Stessie, some kind of a living and thinking mushroom-like being; Brad, a huge creature, but still very girlish; and Feg and Triv, Ferengi brothers.

After landing on Ee, Jake gets to know a Tosk who is apparently looking for something, besides the Hunt; while talking to him, they are approached by Wex, a Trelian girl who, although hesitant at first, joins them. Tosk then finds what he was looking for: A person with great spiritual energy, a healer on Ee – a person who Jake recognizes as the former kai of Bajor; Opaka.

Opaka had been successful in reuniting the Ennis and Nol-Ennis in her time on the penal moon. Shortly after, however, a strange ship crashed on the planet. Opaka cured the being inside, a female called Raiq, who described herself as an Ascendant, looking for a fortress of their ancient gods, swearing to kill them. In exchange for her care, Raiq removed whatever controlled the planet, thus making it possible for Opaka and all the others to leave.

Jake decides to go back to the Alpha Quadrant with Tosk and Opaka, and Wex joins them. The crew of the Even Odds agrees to take them to Deep Space 9.

On their way, they land on a planet where, according to some stories the Tosk told, remains of the ancient civilization of the Eav'oq could be found, as per suspicion of the crew. They ultimately find not only remains, but manage to awake the old, sleeping race of the Eav'oq and – much to the surprise of Opaka – it turns out that they worship the Prophets as well. Opaka ultimately understands that the fortress of which Raiq was speaking is nothing else than the wormhole itself.

Just before they awake the Eav'oq, the Hunters finally track down the Tosk, killing him, much to the despair of Jake and the others. Jake, Wex and Opaka agree with the crew of the Even Odds to pass through the wormhole with Tosk's ship. The ship is damaged, and they are rescued by a Jem'Hadar ship and welcomed by Weyoun and, after the Jem'Hadar discover the USS Defiant, finally beamed over.

During all these events, Jake reflects about himself, his father, their relationship, and their destinies, reaching acceptance and finally making peace with himself and his father's departure.

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"…battles fall and fail, and there is a Time of waiting, the space between breaths as the land heals and its children retire from war. The Temple welcomes many home, the faithful and the Chosen."
"A Herald, unforgotten but lost to time, a Seer of Visions to whom the Teacher Prophets sing, will return from the Temple at the end of this time to attend the birth of Hope, the Infant Avatar. The welcomed Herald shares a new understanding of the Temple with all the land's children. Conceived by lights of war, the alien Avatar opens its eyes upon a waxing tide of Awareness."
"The journey to the land hides, but is difficult; prophecies are revealed and hidden. The first child, a son, enters the Temple alone. With the Herald, he returns, and soon after, the Avatar is born. A new breath is drawn and the land rejoices in change and clarity."

- Prophecy from the Ohalu Text

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Jake Sisko
Opaka Sulan

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There are at least three civilizations with strong ties to the Prophets: the Bajorans and the Eav'oq worship the Prophets, while the Ascendants fear them and are trying to destroy them.

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