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Rick Sternbach (Doctor)

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Doctor Rick Sternbach was a Human Starfleet officer in the 24th century. He was a scientific and research specialist.

In 2354, he was named as a Starfleet Operational Support Services officer on a directory placard for Starbase 32, Maxia Zeta. His room number was 45246. (TNG: "Violations", directory)

In 2368, he was named as a Advanced Technologies Group officer on the second version of the dedication plaque for the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar", dedication plaque)

In the 2370s, he was named as a Science Ops officer on the dedication plaques of several Federation starships. (DS9: "The Search, Part I", dedication plaque; VOY: "Caretaker", dedication plaque; VOY: "Message in a Bottle", dedication plaque)

In 2372, he was named as a Research and Development officer on the dedication plaque of the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: First Contact, dedication plaque)

This name was an inside reference to production staff illustrator and technical consultant Rick Sternbach.

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