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Richard Cronn worked as Chief Lighting Technician on the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Cronn started his career as gaffer on projects such as the television drama The Yanks Are Coming (1974), the comedy The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974), the fantasy film Phantom of the Paradise (1974), the documentary The Mysterious Monsters (1976, produced by James L. Conway), the television series Fantasy Island (1980, starring Ricardo Montalban), the television drama Homeward Bound (1980), and the television drama Something About Amelia (1984, with first assistant camera operator Lowell Peterson).

Following his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cronn worked as chief lighting technician on several episodes of the drama series Models Inc. (1994-1995, with Robert Beltran) and as second unit chief lighting technician on the action film Twister (1996), the fantasy comedy Inspector Gadget (1999), and the action comedy Hollywood Homicide (2003). He also worked as cinematographer on the drama Sally (2000) and on the short film Hope (2002), as gaffer on the drama series Once and Again (2001, with Bill Campbell and Susanna Thompson), as lamp operator on the drama series Big Love (2007), as assistant chief lighting technician on the action thriller Body of Lies (2008), and as electrician on the television musical Big Time Christmas (2010).

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