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Richard Barnett was a Starfleet admiral, and head of the Starfleet Academy Board in 2258.

In that year, Barnett presided over the proceedings to decide a course of action regarding cadet James T. Kirk, who had been accused of tampering with the programming code of the Kobayashi Maru exam. During the proceedings, Barnett came into receipt of a report indicating that a distress call had been received from Vulcan, and subsequently ordered all cadets to report to active duty, as the bulk of the fleet was otherwise engaged in the Laurentian system. Later, Barnett officially promoted Kirk to captain, and ordered him to report to newly-promoted Admiral Christopher Pike for duty as his relief as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise, subsequent to Kirk's valiant actions in stopping the Romulan Nero from destroying Earth. (Star Trek)

Richard Barnett was played by filmmaker Tyler Perry.

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