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Rich Faber is a comic book artist from New York specializing in inking.

He started in the industry in the early 1990s, working for DC Comics. Since beginning his career, he has branched out into logo designs, poster work, portraits, and character design for clients including Adult Swim, USA Networks, New Line Cinema, and the popular How to Draw... series. In his comic work, he is best known for his time on Steel (written by Louise Simonson) and Green Lantern, but has also worked on Superman and The Titans. Most recently, he has done work on the Buzzboy and Roboy Red series with his frequent collaborator, John Gallagher.

In the late 1990s, he joined Flatt World Figures, working as their art director, where he designed their product packaging, company logo, and recruited artists and sculptors.

Now living near Philadelphia, Faber is an adjunct at the Moore College of Art & Design in the city, and taught previously at the Delaware College of Art & Design.

His only Star Trek contribution is inking Rachel Ketchum's art on "A Question of Loyalty" in DC's "TOS Special 2".

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