Rhuludian crystals

Rhuludian crystals

Rhuludian crystals were a form of narcotic chemical commonly sought out in the Delta Quadrant.

In 2373, they were offered for sale to Chakotay and Tom Paris by trader Sutok at Bahrat's space station near the Nekrit Expanse. He told them that ingesting only one of the crystals would make days of tedious travel seem like moments of exquisite rapture. Chakotay and Paris immediately turned down the offer. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

According to the novel "Pathways" by reference originator Jeri Taylor, Rhuludian crystals are formed by dehydrating the leaves of a plant, probably similar to the formation of THC crystals on dried leaves of Earth marijuana. According to the story, when the Haakonians destroyed Rinax with a metreon cascade, survivor Neelix recalls turning to smoking this narcotic substance for solace.
It was not explicitly made clear if the narcotics Wixiban tried to trade with Sutok were Rhuludian crystals, although they were packaged in similar tubes.

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