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Rhomboid Dronegar sector 006

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Rhomboid Dronegar sector 006 was a region of space located near the Epsilon IX sector. A segment of the Romulan Neutral Zone was located in this sector.

In 2365, the Mondor, a Pakled transport, relayed a distress call from this sector that was intercepted by the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare")

Background info

According to, Rhomboid Dronegar was a star and the namesake for this sector. The alternate name for this sector was Sector 006. [1] According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pg. 19), this sector was named the Procyon sector.

In "Conspiracy", Sector 006 was implied to be in a range of sectors (004 to 010) in which segments of the Neutral Zone were located.
USS Tranquility Base USS Max Plank

A mission order

According to the script for this episode, the name of this star was pronounced "Romboyd DRAWN-i-gar." [2]}

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