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Reyab corridor

A corridor of the Reyab

Reyab holding cell

A holding cell of the Reyab

The Reyab was a Kobliad transport ship in the 2360s with a crew of only two officers.

In 2369, the Reyab sent out a distress call when their central power linkage exploded and started leaking energy. As a result, the ship's pilot was killed, and its aft structural integrity field and life support began failing. The on-board automatic fire suppression went off-line, causing a fire to break out. The runabout USS Rio Grande, carrying Major Kira Nerys and Doctor Julian Bashir, was in close proximity and was able to rescue the security officer and retrieve the body of the prisoner.

Later, while docked at Deep Space 9, someone broke into the ship's cargo bay to steal a computer chip with a map of the Humanoid Brain from Rao Vantika's personal belongings.(DS9: "The Passenger")

According to the script for the episode, the pronunciation for Reyab was "REE-yab". [1]
The exterior of the Reyab was never seen on-screen – only a smoke-filled corridor and a holding cell.

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