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Revell-Monogram is a manufacturer of model kits and held the license for Star Trek model kits based on Star Trek: Voyager, the only Star Trek series or film (at the time) long-time kit producer AMT/Ertl did not hold the rights to use.


Revell Monogram old logos

The old logos

Revell-Monogram LLC was formed in 1986 when formerly independent US model kit companies "Revell", founded in 1943, and "Monogram Models Company", founded in 1945, were merged into one company by their then owner "Odyssey Partners of New York", retaining both names, which was reflected in the new combined company logo. Revell itself had established a German subsidiary in 1956, which split off from the mother company in 2006 and became a fully European owned independent company herself as "Revell GmbH & Co. KG".

Star Trek association

Revell-Monogram produced a limited number of kits while it had the Voyager license; these included USS Voyager itself, a Kazon raider, and the Maquis raider; as well as a three-piece set containing all those ships in a smaller scale and even smaller pre-painted snap-together models of the three vessels. In 1997, a "limited edition" version of Voyager was produced, with an open shuttlebay and shuttlecraft plus revised decals and detailing, as well as Revell-Monogram's last addition, the, what they called Kazon torpedo. Despite rumors of a possible Delta Flyer, Revell-Monogram never issued another kit. The company, despite already having merged opted to release the models under their separate brand names, "Monogram" for the U.S. and "Revell" (through their German subsidiary} for Europe, the special edition Voyager of 1997 the only exception. The 2009 reissues were only released in Europe by the then independent German branch of Revell, who renegotiated a separate European license for Star Trek model kits after their split-off.

In December 2011, Revell Germany sprang back into live with the first truly new releases since 1997, now based on the Star Trek: The Original Series. Released for the European market only (as Round 2 LLC holds the license for the American market) were kits of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and the Klingon Template:ShipClass battle cruiser. It should be noted that these were Revell originals and not AMT derivatives, and as such differed in scale and tooling.

The status of the US-held license is, as of 2012, unclear as not a single Star Trek model kit has been marketed or re-issued since 1997 by Revell-Monogram.


Revell-Monogram Releases
Item Scale Release Item No. Notes
USS Voyager 1:677 1995 3604 US release
04801 European release
1:3788 1996 06900 Europe only "Mini" kit; "pre-painted"
1:677 1997 3612 Limited (20,000) Edition; included open shuttlebay; in-scale shuttlecraft; improved decals
2009 04801 European re-release of 1995
Revell Model Kit 3604 USS Voyager 1995 Revell Model Kit 04801 USS Voyager 1995 Revell Model Kit 06900 USS Voyager Mini 1996 Revell Model Kit 3612 USS Voyager 1997 Revell Model Kit 04801 USS Voyager 2009
Maquis raider 1:323 1995 3605 US release
04809 European release
1:1276 1996 06902 Europe only "Mini" kit; "pre-painted"
1:323 2009 04809 European re-release of 1995
Revell Model Kit 3605 Maquis Ship 1995 Revell Model Kit 04809 Maquis Ship 1995 Revell Model Kit 06902 Maquis Fighter Mini 1996 Revell Model Kit 04809 Maquis Fighter 2009
Kazon raider 1:458 1995 3606 US release
04810 European release
n/a 1996 06901 Europe only "Mini" kit; "pre-painted"
1:458 2009 04810 European re-release of 1995
Revell Model Kit 3606 Kazon Ship 1995 Revell Model Kit 04810 Kazon Fighter 1995 Revell Model Kit 06901 Kazon Fighter Mini 1996 Revell Model Kit 04810 Kazon Fighter 2009
Voyager 3-piece set 1:1400 1997 3607 US release; "Bonus Value Pack"; contains glue, paint and brush
05780 European release
Revell Model Kit 3607 Voyager 3-piece Set 1996 Revell Model Kit 05780 Voyager 3piece Set 1996
Kazon torpedo 1:35 1997 3608 US release
04813 European release
Revell Model Kit 3608 Kazon torpedo 1996 Revell Model Kit 04813 Kazon Torpedo 1996
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 [1] 1:600 2011 04880 European release only; includes optional decals for the USS Potemkin and the USS Constellation
Revell Model Kit 04880 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 2011
Klingon Template:ShipClass battle cruiser [2] 1:600 2011 04881 European release only; tooled to approximate the appearance as seen in DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations"
Revell Model Kit 04881 Klingon Battle Cruiser D7 2011
Scales courtesy of


  • Components of the Voyager and Maquis raider kits were spliced together to form some of the background ships during the DS9 Dominion War saga, most notably the USS Yeager.
  • The model of the Val Jean owned by Teero Anaydis in VOY: "Repression" is the small scale Maquis raider from the three-piece set.

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