Retellian weapon

A Retellian weapon

A Retellian weapon was a type of pistol used by Retellians.

In 2152, Firek Goff used a Retellian weapon while fleeing Enterprise NX-01, as well as subsequently on a Retellian freighter he flew, and on the surface of an unnamed planet. While on the planet, the weapon became lost in a swamp while Goff fought with Commander Charles Tucker III. After Kaitaama knocked Goff unconscious, Tucker suggested to her that they search for Goff's "weapon." They were messily doing so, searching with their hands in the murky water, when an away team from Enterprise arrived, which went on to rescue Tucker and Kaitaama. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

In the final draft script of "Precious Cargo", this type of weapon was once referred to as a particle weapon.

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