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For the VOY episode with a similar title, please see "Resolutions".

Resolution was the custom of ritual suicide as practiced on Kaelon II, introduced at an unspecified date between fifteen and twenty centuries before 2367 to cope with the overcrowding in the 'death-watch' facilities where people were originally simply sent to wait for death. Kaelons who reached the age of sixty were expected to present themselves to all of their family and friends for the Resolution ceremony, intended to represent a celebration of their life. The ritual eliminated the society's responsibility of caring for the elderly, with an age of sixty being selected so that they could say goodbye to their loved ones while still in full possession of their faculties. It was believed that asking each family to randomly pick an age for their elders to die was too heartless.

Resolution had been the custom on Kaelon II for over 1,400 years. However, in 2367, Kaelon scientist Timicin requested asylum aboard the USS Enterprise-D while he considered not performing Resolution after learning how close his work had come to saving his planet's dying sun. However, when he was rejected by his people for his attempt to violate the custom, Timicin ultimately returned to the planet and fulfilled his obligation to his family, accompanied by Lwaxana Troi, with whom he had formed a friendship during his time on the ship. (TNG: "Half a Life")

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