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Replicating center

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Replicating center

Worf in the replicating center

Replicating center interface

A replicator interface

The replicating center was a facility aboard Template:ShipClass starships where crewmembers could replicate large goods, in contrast to the individual food replicators found in crew quarters, where mostly food and beverages were replicated.

The replicating center featured several large terminals with two replicating pads and an LCARS interface. The user could choose the item to be replicated on the interface where it was displayed in two magnifications. When the choice was made, the user pressed a button and the item was replicated on one of the pads.

In 2367, when Keiko Ishikawa and Miles O'Brien were about to be married, Worf went to the replicating center to replicate a gift for the couple. Two science officers were replicating a stuffed rabbit for their son when Data entered the center to seek guidance from Worf concerning the choice of a gift.

Worf was just about to choose a crystal swan when Data mentioned that it was his understanding that the item selected should reflect the personality of whoever is giving the gift, and that the swan did not remind him of the Klingon. (TNG: "Data's Day")

The replicating center was only seen in "Data's Day" and was a redress of the USS Enterprise's bridge as seen in the first three movies. It was described as "the 24th century equivalent of a ship's store" in the script of the episode.

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