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Remmler array

The Enterprise-D at the Remmler Array

Baryon sweep

A baryon sweep in progress

The Remmler Array was a space station in orbit of Arkaria and under the command of Starfleet. The station was controlled from the planetside Arkaria Base and was designed to conduct baryon sweeps on docked starships.

The Array consisted of two planar generators positioned parallel to one another. A starship would be parked with the generators to its port and starboard, and the sweep was conducted between the generators. Typically, it progressed from the stern to the bow of a starship. While the sweep was underway, all living biological material, including the crew, was evacuated to the planet. The Array was large enough to accommodate a Galaxy-class starship, but the distance between the two generators could be adjusted to fit a smaller ship.

The sweep was deadly to living organic material and could also wreak havoc with certain ship systems. For that reason, Arkarian maintenance crews were usually dispatched to the ship to install field diverters in areas such as a ship's bridge, main engineering, and computer core.

The USS Enterprise-D stopped at the Remmler Array for its first baryon sweep in 2369. While there, several terrorists posing as maintenance crew attempted to steal trilithium resin from the ship's warp core, but were thwarted by Enterprise captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

Close-up photographs of the studio model (as seen in the It's a Wrap! online auction which sold for US$1,222 to American collector Eric Gunzinger) revealed that the hull was marked with alien lettering, suggesting that the station was not constructed by Starfleet. Riker also can be heard saying "your" Remmler Array when speaking to an Arkarian, so it's possible that the structure was instead built by the local Arkarians.

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