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Remco Industries, Inc. was an American toy company which was established in the 1940s in New Jersey. The name "Remco" was derived from the words "remote control". The company filed for bankruptcy in 1971 and was acquired by Azrak-Hamway International in 1974.

Star Trek releases Edit

Remco Star Trek toy assortment

Assortment of Remco Star Trek toys

From 1968 to 1971, the company produced many Star Trek-themed games, toys, and "role-playing" accessories. These were among the first licensed toys ever produced for the franchise.

Azrak-Hamway re-released many of these toys under the Remco brand throughout the 1970s and added a number of new products.

Products included:

  • Star Trek Astrocruiser
  • Star Trek Astrocopter
  • Star Trek Astrotank
  • Star Trek Astro-Buzz-Ray Gun
  • Star Trek Astro-Helmet & Rocket Pistol Set
  • Star Trek Astro-Wrist Radios
  • Star Trek Controlled Space Flight USS Enterprise
  • Star Trek Flying Rocket Plane
  • Star Trek Flying USS Enterprise Catch-It
  • Star Trek Instant TV
  • Star Trek Mighty Mike Astro-Train Gift Set
  • Star Trek Phaser Gun
  • Star Trek Rocket Pistol
  • Star Trek Utility Belt

After a long hiatus, the Remco brand released a number of "Steel Tec" building kits in the 1990s and manufactured one further Star Trek product set:

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