Reman blade weapons were the hand-held blades carried by the Remans during the 24th century. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Jackal knifeEdit

Jackal knife

Shinzon's jackal knife

This large dagger was carried by Praetor Shinzon. He attempted to use it to kill Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the Scimitar in 2379.

Shinzon's Reman Viceroy carried an identical knife while leading a boarding party aboard the USS Enterprise-E, and used it to wound Captain William T. Riker in the arm, also in 2379. (Star Trek Nemesis)

The "jackal knife" is the "real-world" name for the blade created by Gil Hibben. Prior to the release of Star Trek Nemesis, the jackal knife appeared numerous times on the cult television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where it was wielded several times by the characters Faith and Buffy.
The Shinzon action figure from Art Asylum came packaged with a jackal knife accessory.
In the short story "Twilight's Wrath" from Tales of the Dominion War, Shinzon describes taking this knife from a dead Jem'Hadar soldier during his first engagement of the Dominion War.

Double shadow knifeEdit

Double Shadow knife

Shinzon's double shadow knife

This smaller knife was also carried by Shinzon. Shinzon used it to cut his palm, so as to draw some blood for a DNA analysis. Doctor Beverly Crusher later analyzed the knife under a proton microscope to determine that Shinzon was a clone of Jean-Luc Picard. (Star Trek Nemesis)

The "double shadow" is a "real-world" name for the blade created by knife and prop designer Gil Hibben. In the script, it was simply referred to as a "Reman knife."


Reman soldiers affixed curved, bayonet-like blades to the barrels of their disruptor rifles during their attempt to board the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) in 2379. (Star Trek Nemesis)

In the short story "Twilight's Wrath" from Tales of the Dominion War, Shinzon and his Reman troops also arm themselves with long- and short-bladed swords, for fighting the Jem'Hadar in melee combat.

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