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Regulus V

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Regulus V
Type: Planet
Native Species: Eel-birds
Location: Regulan system
Alpha Quadrant
The Explored Galaxy

The location of Regulus in "The Explored Galaxy" star chart

Regulus V was the homeworld of the eel-birds. It was the fifth planet of the Regulan planetary system. The system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. It was one two planets that supported life in this system; the other was Regulus III. (TOS: "Amok Time"; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, production art; DS9: "Fascination")

In the "The Explored Galaxy", Regulus was located between the Tholian Assembly and Romulus. Both were identified in DS9: "Call to Arms" as being located in the Alpha Quadrant.
According to Star Trek: Star Charts (pgs. 61, "United Federation of Planets I", "United Federation of Planets III"), in the mid-22nd century Regulus V was located in non-aligned space. In 2378, this planet was in or near Federation space, and was a Federation member.

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