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For the alternate reality counterpart, please see Regula I (alternate reality).

Regula I was a Federation scientific research laboratory that was in service in 2285. This space station orbited the D-class planetoid Regula. Located in the Mutara sector, Regula I was near the Mutara Nebula and the Ceti Alpha system was three days away at warp speed. Regula I was operated under the direction of Dr. Carol Marcus during the development of Project Genesis. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

The exterior of Regula I was an inverted re-use of the orbital office complex that first appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It was recycled and "upscaled" to represent several other Federation starbases; for more information see studio models.

Interior design Edit

The sets for Regula I's lab and corridor were built on Paramount Stage 5. [1]

Regula I personnel Edit

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