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Reginod was the chief engineer aboard the Pakled starship Mondor in 2365.

That year, Geordi La Forge, of the USS Enterprise-D, encountered Reginod while answering a distress call from the Mondor, which was stranded in Rhomboid Dronegar sector 006. The Pakleds were a species that stole technology from other species. They informed the Enterprise-D that their ship was disabled and that Reginod could not make it "go". La Forge beamed over to help them but instead was kidnapped and held for ransom. The Pakleds wanted all the data from the Enterprise-D computer. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare")

Reginod was played by Leslie Morris.
Reginod's name is a reversal of the name "Doniger," possibly an in-joke referring to director Walter Doniger.
Morris' costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

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