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The Reed family was an Earth family of British descent.

Several generations of this family served in the Royal Navy on Earth, including Malcolm Reed's father and paternal grandfather, the latter of whom served as an ordnance officer. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

This reference to Malcolm Reed's grandfather was originally, as exemplified by the final draft script of "Silent Enemy", to his great-grandfather instead.

His great-uncle, an aquaphobe, served as chief engineer aboard the submarine HMS Clement. On a routine patrol, his ship struck a mine left over from a previous world war. As the ship was stuck under an ice shelf, he sealed himself in the engine room, where he kept the reactor online for long enough for his crewmates to escape. When pinned onto the Enterprise's hull by a Romulan mine, Reed recounted this story to Captain Archer. (ENT: "Minefield")

Hoshi Sato once contacted Malcolm's uncle Archie and his two unmarried aunts, in an attempt to find out what food Malcolm liked to eat. Unfortunately, none were able to give her an answer. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

Malcolm Reed was the first family member who joined Earth Starfleet. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")


It is unknown if Sherry is one of the two unnamed 'spinster aunts'.
In the script of "Silent Enemy" (set in 2151), Stuart and Mary Reed are described thus; "They're in their 60's, British."
In a never-produced ENT story, a great-grandfather of Malcolm and Madeline Reed was to have been linked to Colonel Green. ("Observer Effect" audio commentary, ENT Season 4 Blu-ray special features)

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