Red Giant 23139 diagram

Red Giant 23139's solar magnetosphere

Red Giant 23139 was a Starfleet designation for a red giant star in grid 898, a region in the Delta Quadrant.

USS Voyager, trapped in the Delta Quadrant, was expected to pass near it in early 2377. Pathfinder Project briefly considered the idea of using the star to create a geodesic fold to try to bring the Voyager crew home, but deducted there would be no way to protect the crew from the deadly radiation and scrapped the idea.

A group of Ferengi led by Nunk however, plotted to use the star to get Voyager to try to go through it anyway - and then they could steal Seven of Nine and sell her nanoprobes for profit. To do this, they stole a Starfleet hologram (based on Reginald Barclay) to convince the crew to go through Red Giant 23139 (or as the hologram nicknamed it - "Big 2".) But the Pathfinder Labs eventually figured out their plan, just in time to convince the Ferengi to call it off. The Reginald Barclay hologram was still almost successful in sending itself and Seven of Nine in an escape pod through star 23139, through the geodesic fold, emerging in the Alpha Quadrant. Voyager, however, was able to transport them out of the escape pod before it could enter the fold. (VOY: "Inside Man")

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