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A receipt was a document confirming a certain payment or delivery had been received.

In 2369, Quark, who had recently become Grand Nagus, sent away petitioners and headed over to Quark's to check the receipts. (DS9: "The Nagus")

In 2370, Sakonna visited Quark's and identified Quark as the proprietor as he was counting his receipts. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I")

In 2372, Quark went over his receipts of a day, which were pretty low due to the Bajoran Time of Cleansing. (DS9: "Bar Association")

In 2375, when Nog was living with Vic Fontaine in the holosuite for a time, he played Vic's accountant and was working on the receipts of 1961 when Ezri Dax visited. (DS9: "It's Only a Paper Moon")

Later that year, Brunt asked Quark to sign a receipt for a bribe of sixty bricks of latinum, as bribes were now tax deductible. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

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