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Reading Rainbow

Promotional still for Reading Rainbow featuring LeVar Burton

Reading Rainbow was a television show broadcast by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) that ran from 1983 to 2006, spanning 21 seasons and 155 twenty-minute episodes. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the goal of the show was to inspire a love of books among young viewers. Of particular relevance to Star Trek was the first episode of season 6 titled "The Bionic Bunny Show".

First broadcast on 15 August 1988, Burton took the viewers on a tour exploring the various behind-the-scenes aspects of shooting a Star Trek show. Made during the shooting of TNG first season's "Symbiosis" (also featuring discussion of a model from "When The Bough Breaks"), it stands among the very first "making-of" documentaries of the series (the first according to Larry Nemecek [1]) featuring, among others, interviews with Robert Legato and a blooper reel. [2]

Twenty-four years after it first aired, the segment was included as part of the Bonus Features on disc one of the 2012 TNG Season 2 Blu-ray set.

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