Razik was the First Maje of the Kazon-Ogla in 2371.

He ordered Kar to kill Chakotay (who had entered Kazon space) in order to earn his warrior name. When Kar failed, Chakotay returned Kar to his people, but was taken hostage by Razik. The Kazon leader held Kar in contempt and condemned him and Chakotay to death. Later Razik told Chakotay that he would free him, if he killed Kar. Chakotay refused, overpowered Razik and demanded the return of his shuttlecraft. He escaped with Kar.

Razik followed them, but Kar killed Razik. His second in command, Haliz, was promoted to the position of First Maje and pronounced that Kar had earned his name, and Chakotay was set free. (VOY: "Initiations")

Razik was played by Patrick Kilpatrick.

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