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Ray Clarke is an editor and visual effects compositor who worked as DFX Paint FX Artist for The Post Group on all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Clarke explains his work on Trek with " I do all the tape operating for us, too. Set up the bay in the morning... and put out fires during the day if something goes wrong. And, do all the DFX – whatever we have to do. Most of the time it's just transporter mattes. But, we have other things occasionally." [1]

Clarke joined The Post Group in 1987 and left the company after eighteen years in 2005. The next four years he worked as editor for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Since March 2009, he is an editor at Visual Data Media Services.

Some of his contributions include the documentary Laser Optics II (1989), the crime thriller Blink (1994), the television series Animaniacs (1996), Pinky and the Brain (1996), and Adventures from the Book of Virtues (1996-1997), and the television documentary Meet Hanson (1997).

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