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Kellan, a Rakosan male (2372)

Kellan, a Rakosan male (2372)

Kellan, a Rakosan male (2372)
Type: Humanoid
Place of origin: Rakosa V (Delta Quadrant)

The Rakosans were a peaceful humanoid species native to Rakosa V in the Delta Quadrant. Although their technology lagged behind that of the Federation or the Cardassians, they were warp-capable.

In 2372, their homeworld was accidentally targeted by the missile Dreadnought, threatening millions of lives. Fortunately, the missile was destroyed by USS Voyager personnel moments before it would have impacted with the planet. In the process, however, the planet's leader assured Voyager that the crew would always have him as a friend, as he respected their willingness to sacrifice themselves for a people they only met two days ago when Captain Janeway informed him of their plan to try and stop Dreadnought by having it collide with Voyager. (VOY: "Dreadnought")


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