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For the ENT episode of the same name, please see "Rajiin".

Rajiin was a female alien native to the planet Oran'taku.

Rajiin claimed that when she was very young, she was kidnapped from her homeworld and sold into slavery for her sexual talents. In 2153 she was recruited by the Xindi-Reptilians to gather information on the Humans. She was placed in Zjod's sex slave shop on the Xanthan homeworld where she conducted a staged escape. Jonathan Archer, who was on the planet to obtain trellium-D, saved her and took her aboard the NX-01 Enterprise.

On Enterprise, Rajiin used her telepathic and sexual powers, as well as what was presumably some sort of implanted scanning device in her hands, to acquire biometric data on the crew. After attacking T'Pol, who was able to resist her telepathic powers, Rajiin was thrown in the brig, but a Reptilian task force successfully boarded Enterprise and secured her release.

Afterward, she reported to the Xindi Council, who downloaded the data she had acquired for use in developing a bioweapon. Although the Reptilians were satisfied, Rajiin warned there was more to Humans than they knew, but Commander Dolim ordered her out of the Council chambers. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Rajiin was played by actress Nikita Ager. Most of the Rajiin's back-story is questionable; she may have been making at least part of it up to earn sympathy from Archer.

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