A raiding party is a grouping of individuals assembled to attack a target. Raiding parties have been used by the Klingon Empire, the Bajoran Resistance and other groups.

Shortly after he father Taban died, Kira Nerys ordered Furel and Gantt to prepare a raiding party to attack a Cardassian target. Another raiding party had earlier attacked the Cardassians. (DS9: "Ties of Blood and Water")

In 2370, Arctus Baran ordered "Galen", William T. Riker and Narik to lead a raiding party onto the USS Enterprise-D to steal a piece of the Stone of Gol. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II")

In early 2373, Chief Miles O'Brien expressed his concern that Captain Benjamin Sisko and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax might have to dodge several Klingon raiding parties to return safely to Deep Space 9. (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising")