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There are some people you don't want to meet in a dark starship corridor...
Raiders, Renegades, and Rogues takes you into the shadowy corners of the Star Trek universe where Starfleet officers rarely tread -- the underworld, the black markets, the back alleys, the pirate hideouts. This book takes you beyond the shadowy divide that separates the legitimate citizens of the Federation and other societies from those people in "the Life." Pirates, privateers, raiders, gamblers, thieves, con men, mercenaries, assassins, bounty hunters -- Raiders, Renegades, and Rogues introduces them all.
If you've ever wanted to play a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game character on the other side of the law -- a "rogue with a heart of gold," a mercenary selling his military skills to the highest bidder, or a con man who can't resist the opportunity to profit while making others look like fools -- you'll find everything you need within this book. If you're on the other side of the Narrator's screen, Raiders, Renegades, and Rogues shows you how to integrate characters like these into your episodes and series, whether as Crew members or shady individuals standing between the Crew and its goals.
Raiders, Renegades, and Rogues includes:
  • A detailed discussion of "the Life": what it means to be an outlaw or rogue in the universe of Star Trek.
  • Three new Templates, four new Overlays, dozens of new Background History packages, and new skills, advantages, and disadvantages -- plus extensive discussion of what these characters do and how they do it.
  • Six new ships (including new ship technology), along with information on how rogues obtain less-than-legal "scrap" vessels.
  • Rules for havens and hideouts; how to find or make one, along with complete descriptions of two sample havens and the rogues who run them.
  • Four detailed rogue NPCs for use by the Narrator, and guidelines for creating and running rogue series.
No matter which side of the law you're on, Raiders, Renegades, and Rogues is a must-have guide to the shady underside of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game!

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Raiders, Renegades & Rogues is a sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG.

  • Introduction
  • Life on the Edge
  • Pirates and Privateers
  • Piracy and Plunder
  • Thieves and Gamblers
  • Mercenaries
  • Bounty Hunters and Assassins
  • Technology and Equipment
  • Vessels
  • The Rogues Gallery
  • Havens
  • Character Creation
  • The Rogue Series

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  • This was one of the last two Star Trek RPG books (the other being All Our Yesterdays) published by Last Unicorn Games, as the company was purchased by Wizards of the Coast around the same time. Paramount then awarded the RPG license to Decipher.

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