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Radue was an Aldean in the 24th century. He was the First Appointee and leader of his planet's government.

In 2364, Radue, along with other members of the Aldean leadership including Rashella and Duana, revealed the existence of their planet to the Federation. The decision was made by Radue in order to solicit the help of the Federation in dealing with the imminent collapse of Aldean society due to what they believed to be sterility caused by a genetic disorder.

When the USS Enterprise-D discovered the planet, Radue and others tried to persuade the vessel to help them by leaving some of the children from the ship behind on the planet. When the Enterprise refused, the Aldeans under Radue's leadership kidnapped several children from the Enterprise in order to perpetuate their race. Though the crew of Enterprise were incensed, Radue insisted that the children would stay on Aldea and the formidable planetary defense system seemed to guarantee this fact. Radue offered what he believed to be a fair exchange for the children but was refused by Captain Picard.

Radue was ultimately forced to capitulate to Captain Picard when the Commander William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commander Data disabled the Custodian, the computer controlling the planet's defenses. After the children were released, the Enterprise helped in repairing the planet's environmental damage, offering hope that the sterility of the society could be reversed. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Radue was played by Jerry Hardin.

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