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R. Berman was a 22nd century member of Earth Starfleet, one of the personnel listed on the dedication plaque of Enterprise NX-01. Berman was listed in the group of names of representatives from Starfleet Command. (Star Trek: Enterprise set artwork)

In January of 2155, Berman, still a representative of Starfleet Command, was working at the Fleet Operations Center on Earth. His office was in room #1032. (ENT: "Demons" set artwork)

Berman was named for series creator and executive producer Rick Berman. This name was seen on the Enterprise dedication plaque. There are other, later, members of the Federation's Starfleet that are also named for Berman, indicating a possibility that "R. Berman"'s first name is Rick, and that they might all be related. It has also been speculated that all of the 22nd century persons listed on the plaque were somehow extraordinarily long-lived, and are the same as those who were credited on the later 23rd and 24th century dedication plaques.

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