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The röntgen (or roentgen, symbol R) was a unit of exposure to X-ray radiation named after the Earth physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. A dose of five hundred röntgens in five hours was a lethal dose for Humans. A röntgen was also a unit of chroniton radiation, as indicated by The Doctor when Kes was treated in the bio-temporal chamber. (VOY: "Before and After")

Comparative list of units of exposureEdit

  • Prior to The Doctor treating Kes with his bio-temporal chamber, he noted that her vitals indicated that her chroniton level was at 79 röntgens. After activating the chamber, and initiating five second pulse anti-chroniton at ten MeVs, her chroniton level dropped to 71 röntgens. With additional bursts, her chroniton level continued to fall from 51 röntgens, to 46 röntgens, to 34 röntgens. After a final twenty MeV burst, her chroniton levels finally dropped to 0 röntgens. (VOY: "Before and After")

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