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Quarren power plant

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Quarren Power Plant Workforce

Quarren power plant (2377)

The Quarren power plant was a facility located on the planet Quarra in the Delta Quadrant. Because Quarra's technology had never developed a high degree of automation, the facility needed a large workforce to operate. Its labor force was made up of a variety of species from many different systems. Many of these workers were brainwashed to believe that they wanted to be there. The plant offered anti-radiation inoculations to its workers free of charge as a benefit. The workers were unaware that these inoculations were actually drugs to maintain their brainwashing and actually appreciated that their employer was so concerned with their health.

In 2377, the USS Voyager was attacked by the Quarren and many of its crewmembers were taken to this facility to work. Seven of Nine, working under her given name of Annika Hansen, seemed to adapt particularly well to the environment. In her role as Efficiency Monitor she often referred to her employees by their employee numbers rather than their names. (VOY: "Workforce", "Workforce, Part II")

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