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Ravoc, a Quarren male (2377)

Ravoc, a Quarren male (2377)

Ravoc, a Quarren male (2377)
Type: Humanoid
Place of origin: Quarra (Delta Quadrant)
An unnamed Quarren female (2377)

An unnamed Quarren female (2377)

An unnamed Quarren female (2377)
For the Kyrian, please see Quarren (Kyrian).
Quarren script

Quarren script

The Quarren were an industrious and technologically advanced species native to the planet Quarra in the Delta Quadrant.

Their ships used warp technology and tractor beams, the Quarren also used subspace mines. Quarren systems required a high level of supervision and involved little automation, which was unique for a warp-capable species. The Quarren made use of a multi-species workforce, and extended full rights and protection to non-Quarren employees.

Unknown to most Quarren, some workers were acquired by less scrupulous employers through abduction because their homeworld suffered from a severe manpower shortage. These criminal Quarren made use of memory alteration to make their captured workers more productive and less likely to escape. (VOY: "Workforce", "Workforce, Part II")

The Quarren are also the name of a species in Star Wars.
Their name would seem to be a combination of "quarry" and "warren".



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