The Qomar transport was a small starship used by the extremely xenophobic Qomar. They were designed to be used primarily within the Qomar system, but are occasionally used outside the system.

In 2376, a Qomar transport was heading back to the Qomar system when the USS Voyager performed a standard scan of the passing ship. Voyager's extremely primitive (by Qomar standards) scanner beam was incompatible with the advanced Qomar ship and it disabled its propulsion system, which damaged other systems and injured the four-member crew. Voyager's Doctor treated their wounds, and the transport was brought aboard for repairs. Voyager's crew completed most of the repairs, except for the advanced propulsion systems which they "couldn't makes heads or tails of." Voyager escorted the transport back to the Qomar homeworld after repairs. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

The transport would seem to be a small ship, as it had a crew of four and was able to fit in Voyager's shuttlebay.

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