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Qomar starships are a series of classes of vessels that operated by the Qomar Planetary Alliance, usually staying within their system for xenophobic reasons. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

Type 1

Qomar starship type 1

A type of Qomar vessel

Several of this type of vessel were seen in orbit around the Qomar homeworld in 2376 during USS Voyager's temporary visit.

Its hull is composed of a primary saucer section, with a dome of the top of its center. A large section protrudes from aft, meeting two supports extending from each side of the saucer similar in appearance to a Template:ShipClass Starfleet vessel.

Type 2

Qomar starship type 2

A type of Qomar vessel

This type of vessel was also seen in orbit in the 2370s. Quite different in appearance than the other three visible vessels operated by the Qomar, this ship has several nacelle-like beams on its port and starboard sides.

Type 3

Qomar starship type 3

Another type of Qomar vessel

This type of vessel was also visible in orbit of the Qomar homeworld in 2376. It had a saucer-section, with the front dipped in, similar to early Federation Nova-class vessels, and a "rollbar" similar to a Starfleet Template:ShipClass ship.

Type 4

Qomar starship type 4

The fourth type of Qomar vessel

Another ship with a saucer section, this vessel had a glowing energy port on the front of the saucer similar to a deflector dish. Two nacelle like tubes extended from its aft section as well, although the advanced technologies of the Qomar are not fully known to the Federation.

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