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Two of the most powerful forces in the galaxy are about to collide.


From the book jacket
When two powerful rival families of the spacefaring merchant race called the Tizarin are to be joined through marriage, the USS Enterprise-D is chosen as the site for the wedding. Though Captain Picard is pleased by the happy duty, his pleasure is cut short by the arrival of the Federation delegate from Betazed: Lwaxana Troi – the mother of ship's counselor, Deanna Troi.
Despite Lwaxana Troi's romantic overtures toward the captain, the celebration seems to go smoothly until the situation is further complicated by the arrival of the notorious and all powerful being called Q – who has come to examine and challenge the human concept of love. Suddenly, the festivities are in turmoil, the powerful Tizarin families are on the verge of war, and Lwaxana Troi is determined to teach Q a lesson in love that he will never forget...

Memorable Quotes

"She's really beating the stuffing out of him. What do you think we should do?"
"Sell tickets"

- Riker and Worf, talking about a retaliation against Q

"You are a Tzarin, of the House of Shinbun?"
"I am Data. Of the Enterprise."

- Data, mistaken for a Tzarin

"Into the jaws of death rode the three hundred..."

- Picard, before entering Lwaxana's guest quarters for a formal dinner
Note that he is quoting incorrectly from "The Charge of the Light Brigade", a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It should be "six hundred". The line was later quoted correctly in DS9: "Sacrifice of Angels".


  • Q and Lwaxana Troi appear in the same story.
  • An audio adaptation is available on compact disc or cassette, read by John de Lancie and Majel Barrett Roddenberry. The actors take turns as narrator, voice their own characters, and divide the remaining characters up by gender. Also available as a download from the iTunes Store.
  • In another example of Shakespeare and Star Trek, two feuding houses are joined when offspring from each family fall in love. Romeo and Juliet is brought up for comparison, with Picard discussing the differences between the two stories.


Q in 2364


Lwaxana Troi, 2371

Lwaxana Troi

Jean-Luc Picard
Lwaxana Troi
Wesley Crusher
Deanna Troi
Miles O'Brien

Dr Beverly Crusher


Ambassador shuttle 
Long-range passenger spacecraft of Lwaxana Troi, which ferried her from Betazed.
Wesley very nearly consummates ownership of a blue-skinned alien girl given him as a gift. He asks for Troi's advice.
Humanoid space-based species. Their society is divided into Houses, distinguished by colors.

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