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Reel doing push-ups

Ensign Reel doing push-ups

Push-ups is a form of exercise done in the prone position, whereby the body is repeatedly raised and lowered using only the strength in one's arms.

In 2368, Ensign Reel was doing some push-ups in his quarters when Ensign Ro Laren and Romulan officer Parem ran through him after a transporter accident involving an experimental phase cloaking device, shifted their bodies out of phase with the rest of the ship. (TNG: "The Next Phase")

The script for "The Next Phase" has the computer audibly monitoring the Reel's heart rate and counting down the number of sets of ten repetitions he performs, suggesting some kind of specific program exists for doing push-ups. This, however, did not make it into the finished episode. [1]

In 2370, Doctor Julian Bashir performed some push-ups in Deep Space 9's infirmary prior to a racquetball match with Chief Miles O'Brien. (DS9: "Rivals")

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