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Spock punctured by shrapnel

Spock's puncture wound

Punctured lung

Kirk recovering from a punctured lung

A puncture, puncture wound, or perforation was a piercing wound of soft tissue, such as an organ, caused by a sharp object.

In 2263 of the alternate reality, Spock's torso was pierced by debris from a swarm ship, necessitating Doctor Leonard McCoy's surgical intervention. (Star Trek Beyond)

In 2267, following an attack by a parasitic creature, Spock was left with a puncture wound in his back. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

In 2268, James T. Kirk sustained a punctured left lung after Thelev attacked him. Leonard McCoy noted that it would have pierced his heart if the wound had been a centimeter or so lower. (TOS: "Journey to Babel")

In 2369, a Bajoran phaser blast punctured Mullibok's peritoneum. (DS9: "Progress")

In 2372, Liquidator Brunt's Nausicaan bodyguards beat up Quark, puncturing his lower lung. (DS9: "Bar Association")

In 2373, Captain Ramirez managed to direct damage control for the crippled USS Valiant despite suffering from a punctured lung and other internal injuries. (DS9: "Valiant")

In 2374, Jadzia Dax got a puncture in her right abdominal cavity, when the ship she was on was attacked by Jem'Hadar. (DS9: "Rocks and Shoals")

Later that year, Odo warned Quark that his backless barstools were dangerous, giving the example of Morn falling from one and "shattering his upper vertebrae or puncturing three or four of his lungs." Quark disagreed, saying the barfly's body weight was balanced evenly. (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice")

When the isomorph Dejaren reached inside B'Elanna Torres' chest, he grabbed her heart and perforated her fourth ventricle. (VOY: "Revulsion")

In 2375, following the crash landing of the Delta Flyer, Samantha Wildman suffered from a punctured kidney. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time")

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