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Pulsed phase cannon

Columbia firing pulsed phase cannons at a Klingon Bird of prey in 2154

Pulsed phase cannons were a type of phase-modulated directed energy cannon weapon. They were an improved version of the previous phase cannon technology which Starfleet had developed by 2154.

Among the first starships to be equipped with this improved cannon was the Columbia. Along with ventral and dorsal photonic torpedo launchers, pulsed phase cannons were one of the weapon upgrades recommended by Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer. (ENT: "Home")

The USS Franklin was equipped with pulsed phase cannons at the time of its disappearance in 2164. (Star Trek Beyond)

The specifications of the pulsed phase cannons were never made clear, nor was it revealed whether or not the Enterprise was upgraded with the weapons. When Columbia was seen firing its cannons in ENT: "Divergence", the energy beam was streamed like that of the original phase cannon, suggesting that pulsed phase cannon was simply a more advanced, powerful or efficient version of basic phase cannon technology.

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