The Ptolemy-class was a type of Federation transport/tug utilized by Starfleet during the latter half of the 23rd century.

Based on the standard Starfleet design tree and hull components of the time, the Ptolemy-class replaced the engineering hull of the Constitution-class with a connector at the base of the connecting neck, which could accept a variety of transport containers.

A graphic displaying a vessel of this class appeared on the Starfleet Academy bridge simulation in 2285. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

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The Ptolemy-class starship display was literally a page pulled from Franz Josephs' Star Fleet Technical Manual. In it, he has designated the class as a "Class I Transport/Tug – MK-VI"

In addition to the Ptolemy, other images appearing in the graphic loop from this source include the Saladin-class, Hermes-class, and Federation-class.


According to Star Fleet Technical Manual from which the class is derived, NCC-3801 is the registry of the USS Ptolemy and is also the prototype of the class.

In the CD-ROM game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, the USS Enterprise was assigned to recapture a Ptolemy-class Starfleet tug, the USS Masada (NCC-293391) that had been hijacked by Elasi pirates. The ship was described as having a crew of seventeen, captained by Lt. Kevin Keeler.

The Ptolemy-class is also present in the Star Fleet Universe, in which it serves as part of the Federation's logistical network in peace and war. In Star Fleet Battles Module R8, a scenario is presented in which Ptolemy herself is tasked with transporting the crippled vessel Star Tiger out of danger in the early part of the General War.

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