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Psychotectic therapy was a procedure consisting of a series of psychotectic treatments. It was used by the androgynous J'naii to eliminate all psychological elements of gender identity in the rare cases when that was necessary.

Even though there was a high success rate, if the individual was unwilling to admit having the urges, the treatments might not be successful. It was commonly considered help among J'naii, as even totally reluctant deviants who were treated were afterwards grateful. As such, the therapy appeared to be a form of mind control, as it reversed the personal attitudes towards the deviant orientation from natural and wonderful to sick and terrible.

In 2368, a J'naii shuttle pilot named Soren was forcibly given psychotectic therapy after confessing to an orientation of female gender identity and an attraction to USS Enterprise-D first officer William Riker. After the therapy, Soren was amazed to not have noticed the sickness of the deviant condition, and was sorry for Riker, who had fallen in love with her. Soren had no desire to return to the prior orientation. (TNG: "The Outcast")

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