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Proto-Vulcan humanoid

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A Mintakan, a proto-Vulcan humanoid.

A proto-Vulcan humanoid is a humanoid species which show traits of early Vulcans.

In 2366, Doctor Barron's preliminary reports indicated that the Mintakans were proto-Vulcan humanoids at the Bronze Age level. This meant that they were quite peaceful and highly logical. (TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers")

Other Vulcan humanoids might include the Rigelians, Remans, Halanans, and Sargon's species. Vulcans and their offshoots (Romulans and Debrune) are likely still considered Vulcan humanoids themselves. These species were often referred to as "Vulcanoid" in non-canon works such as the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, Death's Angel, and Vulcan's Heart.

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