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A prosthesis was an artificial device which replaced a body part of a lifeform.

The Arctic Archaeology Team scientist Drake once met a Vulcan scientist who had a sophisticated prothetic forearm. According to Drake, his prothesis was nothing compared with the Borg arm his team found in the Arctic Circle. (ENT: "Regeneration")

While gathering data and also some devices, Berlinghoff Rasmussen asked Geordi La Forge about the prosthesis he was wearing, the VISOR. (TNG: "A Matter of Time")

The Borg Hugh asked La Forge what he was doing while studying the components of his prosthesis in the science laboratory in 2368. (TNG: "I Borg")

Doctor Tolian Soran asked La Forge if he ever considered a prosthesis that would make him look more normal while he kept La Forge as a prisoner. (Star Trek Generations)

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